A 16x16 RGB LED Matrix controlled by DMX over wifi

Some facts:


So, this is the second LED Matrix we are building. The first one was a bit smaller (10x10) and used shift registers only for controlling the LEDs. We weren’t that happy about the limitation we got using shift registers only. We ran into refresh rate problems while trying to increase possible grayscale values. We ended up with 8bit grayscale (0-255).

old Matrix

The plan

So the basic data flow should look like this




How multiplexing works

This are some images explaining how multiplexing with a LED Matrix works

multiplexing1 multiplexing2

The images are from this instrucable. There you can also find more information on multiplexing:

The building process

main frame Backplate

So after some weekends of soldering 4 wires to every single SMD LED we finally made it.

First LED Soldering LEDs

Lets start soldering them on the frame…

First Process

After dozen weekends spend soldering we made it


First testing

As you can see. It works! :) But there are some LEDs that need to be fixed

working working


Using ArtNet Node running on an ESP8266. See this awesome project.